[BangPypers] [X-POST] ERPNext Conference 2016 - October 14-15 in Mumbai

Rushabh Mehta rmehta at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 03:10:11 EDT 2016

Dear all,

We are happy to announce the 3rd Annual ERPNext Conference on October 14-15th in Mumbai. Register here:

https://erpnext.com/conf/2016 <https://erpnext.com/conf/2016>

Powered by Community

This is the first ERPNext conference that will be truly powered (and funded) by the community. There are 2 sponsors from Singapore, 1 each from India, US and Australia. These are not corporate sponsors but service providers and users from the community who want to back this project.

Who should attend?

1. If you are a running a small organisation (business or non-profit) or educational institute, you will be learn how to use a powerful open source alternative to manage your operations better. ERPNext includes tons of features from Accounting, CRM, Helpdesk, HR to School management and comes with out of the box integrations with payment gateways and much more.

2. If you are a freelancer or IT service company, ERPNext has a growing community that has great opportunities for developers who can help small business implement a software system.

3. If you are an open source evangelist and would like to learn about and promote a home grown ERP from India that has the potential to help lakhs of small businesses and schools.

Why ERPNext?

ERPNext is a fully open source (unlike OpenERP/Odoo) application built on Python + JS and is backed by a community that is more than 3000 strong.

The conference has a workshop for developers and talks by various community members across the world.

Send me mail if you have any questions. 

Look forward to your participation.


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