[BangPypers] Financial support for PythonExpress Project

vijay kumar vnbang2003 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 01:32:18 EDT 2017

Hi All,

We had a discussion earlier about getting sponsors for PythonExpress (
http://blog.pythonexpress.in/posts/support-request/) as some colleges
cannot afford to support the financial needs of the workshops like tutor's
travel and accommodation.

We did not see any progress in getting sponsors. Request everyone to spread
the word and help PythonExpress get financial support.

Though PSSI has agreed to reimburse tutor's travel and accommodation, we
would require fund to take care of the below items.

1. Certificates to participants as workshops in colleges come with that
2. A token of appreciation in some form to the tutor for their excellent
job without expecting anything in return.

Apart from getting sponsors, we can consider below options.

1. Request college to share the cost, but not all colleges would be able to
provide the support in this front.
2. Request student participants to pay a nominal fee.
3. Get crowd funding.
4. Reach out to PSSI for financial grant apart from the current
reimbursement policy.
5. Reach out to PSF if PSSI could not provide financial support

Looking for suggestions.


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