[BangPypers] CFP for May Meetup

kracekumar ramaraju kracethekingmaker at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 12:59:44 EDT 2017


VMWare is hosting May meetup in JP Nagar office on 20th.

Yes, it's a month away. But we're experimenting a new theme, hence the
advance email. The theme of the meetup is "The Journey to the kernel."

- What does "The Journey to the kernel" mean?

 Python is a high-level dynamic programming language. As a result, a lot of
details are abstracted. On day to day basis, libraries and language take
care of memory allocation, garbage collection, cross-platform execution,
system calls, etc. In this meetup, let's discuss the internals of the
libraries, core Python, memory optimization and internal working, etc.

- Can you give concrete examples of such talks?

Efficient Dictionary Implementation in Python 3.6 - Recently Python 3.6
implemented Compact Dictionary. As a result, it uses less space. How does
dictionary work in Python 2.7? What is the difference in 3.6? How is it
memory efficient? How is hash collision handled?

How does lists in Python work?How is memory allocated for new items? How is
memory deallocated? Does Python use contagious memory block internally?

How does reference counting work in Python? When does GC kick-in?

How does event loop (asyncio) work in Python?

How does a Python database driver work?

What is PEP 484?

How does a Python debugger work?

- What is the duration of each talk?

A talk can be fifteen or thirty or forty minutes including Q&A.

- Are you expecting talks only from core python?

No. We accept talks related to any third library like SciPy, NumPy. We're
happy to have talks which discuss alternate implementation like PyPy,
Pyston, etc.

- I don't contribute to CPython can I talk about Python internals?

Of course! We don't expect you to have a bag full of contributions to talk.
We want enthusiastic folks who are willing to push the boundary, go out of
the comfort zone, take the opportunity to learn and present. Consider this
as your monthly research quest. Pick a topic which you don't know, always
wanted to learn, gather the information and present.

- Can I choose an item from the sample talks presented above?

Absolutely! If something mentioned in example talks resonate to your
interest, pick one and say to us.

- I have a talk idea and don't know it fits the category.

Feel free to email or ping organizers(Abhiram, Chillar Anand, Ram, Krace)
in the slack. We will help you remove your doubts and give feedback. And
you make you present!

We're aware the theme is out of comfort zone for many of our audience. And
believe pushing the boundaries and learning the hard parts makes individual
a better programmer.

Do you have a topic in mind to present or doubts? Reply to this email or
comment in the meetup page [0].

[0]: https://www.meetup.com/BangPypers/events/238929256/

Thanks & Regards


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