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On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 12:53 PM, Kushal Das <mail at kushaldas.in> wrote:

> On 05/08/17, vijay kumar wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > As we discussed couple of months ago[0], PythonExpress project requires
> > funding to take care of certain things.
> >
> > a) Keeping the tutor motivated and encouraged to conduct multiple
> workshops
> > seems to be tough. Even though we take care of travel and accommodation
> > with or without the help of colleges, we find short of tutors some times.
> > IMO, we should provide a small token amount to tutors to show
> appreciation.
> >
> This is generally a good idea. But, it also depends on the number of
> requests, amount, and total funding available.
> Presently we have 0 fund but PSSI members had few times show interest to
support in short run.(Need to confirm again)
For Long run, we need to plan for fund raising plan.(PSF, attendeee,
colleges , corporates)

> > b) we should think of an option to provide college students certificates
> as
> > a workshop without certificates is not welcomed as much by all colleges
> and
> > students.
> > I think that this can be resolved in 2 ways.
> > 1. Request college to pay us if they need certificates - hard copy.
> > 2. Generate soft copies of certificate (PDF) and share it with students
> > once college uploads the student details.
> Giving out certificates is a double edged sword. One way, it will get us
> a lot more participations in the initial round of workshops in the
> colleges every year. In the other way, that certification will not have
> any value for job or for any company. It will at max prove that student
> was in a place for few hours (or that can also be manipulated by the
> person entering data from the college).

Yes but we should give try to see if giving certificate is helping.

> >
> > Also,
> > c) Conducting Intermediate level workshop for the students who has taken
> > the the beginners level since we are not able to find tutors.
> This is a good idea. Otherwise we will have a lot of people who knows
> the syntax of the language, and used it for a few hours in their life
> time.

> Btw, is there any update on the syllabus work for the workshops?
> we haven't got much success on content creation. Any contrubutor can help
us with send PR for this project.


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