[BangPypers] [Commercial][Job] Tonbo Imaging is hiring!

Rishabh Bhardwaj rishabh.bhardwaj at tonboimaging.com
Wed Dec 6 01:16:10 EST 2017

Hi Python Devs!

Tonbo Imaging is hiring Python Flask/Django full stack developers.

*About the company :*
Tonbo Imaging <http://www.tonboimaging.com> works on developing thermal
imaging systems. Most of Tonbo Imaging's projects have been defense based
systems, but we're reaching out to the commercial/industrial market with
this project.

We're developing an ecosystem of small-sized thermal cameras running a
custom Android OS that perform video analytics, are controlled remotely and
support global live streaming. The hardware and mechanical structures are
designed in-house. The devices are both headless - controlled through
remote web/mobile interface, or have inbuilt display. We're looking for a
Python based full stack developer with experience in web media and an
interest in hardware-software interaction.

*You'll be responsible for:*
- Designing and developing *from scratch* an architecture to enable
hundreds-thousands of cameras to stream globally
- Working closely with the video stack, and possibly WebGL/graphics
- Working on Python based media frameworks for live streaming and playback
- Integrate existing algorithms to perform vision analytics
live/post-process on cloud
- Deploying (AWS)

*How to apply:*
- Reply to this email address with no more than 4 sentences on relevant
experience in live streaming, the video stack, and hardware-software
- Send across your resume / online portfolio landing page
- Your Github profile, relevant online presence

Rishabh Bhardwaj
Tonbo Imaging

web: http://www.tonboimaging.com

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