[BangPypers] Long term volunteering at BangPypers

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Mon Dec 18 05:05:02 EST 2017


2017 has been one of the best years for BangPypers - we tried theme based
meetups multiple times, a meetup with only fifteen minutes duration, and
paid workshops. All our events are a full house. For paid workshops [0],
eighty percent ticket purchasers attend the meetup, and close to fifty
percent of interested participants attend the free meetups.

It has taken a lot of time, effort, belief, patience, acting on feedback to
reach the current place.

At the same time, previously discussed plans like webcast, regular blog
posts didn’t happen [1]. The volunteering team is facing time constraints
to organize the meetups. For last one year, we didn’t hold any beginner
workshop. The meetup group has more than 6000 members. Hosting multiple
meetups(talks and workshops) a month will benefit the community. Volunteers
[2] are struggling and don’t have time to organize a meetup every month.

Here is the blog post which explains how the meetup is run [3]. The
volunteer team spends 15 hours doing various tasks like coordinating with
hosts, discuss with speakers, answering members query, act on feedback, and
other logistics.

In the interest of the group to foster, it’s good time to have new
volunteers to lead and manage the meetup efforts. We’re looking for *long*
term volunteers. Long-term means you have time and energy to volunteer for
at least a year. Please think multiple times, before showing interest.
Please read the blog post [3] and wiki [4]. If you’re interested, please
fill the form [5].

What happens once you fill the form?

One of the volunteers will contact you in next few days. If you’re
interested then, you will become part of the organizing team, and we will
add you to telegram planning group. You can start doing tasks like sending
out emails to ML, meetup group, schedule meetup, begin contacting hosts for
future meetups. You will be made as co-organizer of the meetup group, and
part of all the discussions. You will get guidance on what, how, why we do
a meetup in specific ways.

I have a few doubts, before filling the form. What should I do?

You can ask the doubts on the mailing list or write an email or call or
ping in WhatsApp/Telegram to Kracekumar or Abhiram.

What is it like volunteering at BangPypers?

It’s fun, energy draining, intensive, spare free time to organize the
meetup and have an impact on others livelihood. You will meet a lot of new
people, have exciting conversations, developers will walk into you at other
events and thank you for your work. You will make friends.

[1]: http://bangalore.python.org.in/
[2]: https://www.meetup.com/BangPypers/members/?op=leaders
[3]: http://bangalore.python.org.in/blog/2017/06/03/how-bangpypers-is-run/
[4]: https://github.com/pythonindia/bangalore.python.org.in/wiki

Feel free to ask your questions.

Thanks & Regards


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