[BangPypers] New experimental format

Sayan Chowdhury sayan.chowdhury2012 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 04:36:19 EST 2017

>  Each talk at BangPypers meetup is $5 minutes or 30 minutes or 15 minutes.
> The terminology used is full-length talk and flash talks. In general,
> meetup has a maximum of five talks on a tight day. The another format at
> the meetup is workshops - hands-on session for half a day or full day.
> The new format is the meetup with only flash talks. Each talk is 15 minutes
> and 10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes Q&A. The talk will have strict
> timing guidelines. We won't throw eggs at the speaker but hard stop. Each
> meetup can contain 6 to 10 talks.

It would be good to accommodate 2-3 meetups in a year with full-length
talks too. Few topics cannot be covered as Flash talks and also full
length talks helps people prepare for their talks before PyCons.

Overall I am +1 with the new format.

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