[BangPypers] Improving meetup attendance

kracekumar ramaraju kracethekingmaker at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 11:02:24 EDT 2017


 As of today, there are 5394 members in BangPypers meetup [0]. For last
meetup (IoT Workshop), 267 participants showed interest. We allowed 134
RSVPs and waitlisted 133 attendees. As Nitin mentioned in previous thread,
he couldn't attend the meetup since he was in waitlist. 75 people
participated in the event. Turnout ratio was 56%. Our expectation was only
40% people would attend. That's the rationale behind 134 RSVP limit.

This kind of scenario happens at least once or twice in a year.

To solve the RSVP problem, few meetups charge a monetary fee of 100Rs [1]
and return the amount when participant shows up on the event day(after
deducting gateway costs). Some meetup [2] donates the collected fee to
organizations like EFF, FSF, Software Freedom Conservancy and other
non-profit organization. Some meetup uses the amount to distribute goodies
to the speaker, and spend on snacks and food. The meetup tried charging a
small amount and now reverted [3].

The collecting money has administrative work - Use one of the organizer
bank accounts, record attended participants, return payment (not sure
payment gateways will be happy returning money for the majority of

Will you be interested in paying for the meetup with a refund?
I'd like to hear input from others regarding in this matter from all front.

[0]: https://www.meetup.com/BangPypers
[2]: https://www.meetup.com/hack-and-tell/events/229586790/
[3]: https://www.meetup.com/hack-and-tell/events/237149625/

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