[BangPypers] Improving meetup attendance

vijay kumar vnbang2003 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 23:56:40 EDT 2017

On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 3:35 AM, Sivasubramaniam Arunachalam <
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> I have been associated with Bangpypers as a participant, speaker,
> volunteer, and co-organizer for past few years(Just moved out of Bangalore
> 2 weeks before). Here are my initial views on this topic.
> The primary(maybe the only?)objective of this group is to contribute/help
> the Python community in Bangalore by organizing a monthly event. Our
> objective is not to make the group members keep their promise or being
> loyal/punctual to the organized event.
> We open the RSVP 7 days before the event. At the time of RSVP opening, the
> theme of the event, venue(along with the available seating capacity) and
> speaker line-ups are already decided/planned. So, no further planning is
> done after opening the RSVP.
> At this moment, we are not restricting the RSVP based on the actual seating
> capacity of the venue. We choose the RSVP limit which is higher than
> seating capacity(as of now ~2x) based on the attendance from the past.
> We are trying to be fair to the participants based on who RSVPed first and
> it is broken(always in the free community-based events). Instead, allow
> unlimited RSVPs and restrict the people based on FCFS on the event day.
> Communicate the same in the event description and logistics email 1-2
> before the event.
> IMHO, being fair to the participants by asking money(to prove their
> seriousness in participation) doesn't look good for a 12 years old, matured
> and self-sustained community like Bangpyers. It is simply an
> additional headache to the event organizers.
> +1 We show put efforts to educate people more.

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