[BangPypers] [Commercial][Job] - Hiring Full Stack Django/Flask Developer

Siddharth Suchde siddharthsuchde at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 04:22:22 EDT 2017

Dear All,

We are looking for a highly skilled Full Stack Django/Flask Web Developer.

I represent Live Your Sport (LiveYourSport.com) and Azani Sport
(AzaniSport.com). We've been in business for 3 years and have grown 4x in
the last year with a probability of that continuing over the foreseeable
future. We've been angel funded last year and are already profitable.
Though, it's a startup environment, very dynamic, highly stressful.
I'm listing a Brief about the Company and the ideal skillset we are after.

Please feel free to reach me on siddharth at liveyoursport.com or via phone on
9900022326 (I rarely answer calls, so please message first).

Company Background and Job Profile

Live Your Sport is India's largest Sports and Fitness E-Commerce store.
Having shown tremendous success in the Sports Equipment space, we have
launched our own line of Premium Athletic Apparel called Azani. You will be
in charge of driving and owning the technological requirements for both

We are looking for a highly skilled Full Stack Python/Flask Web Developer.
As part of the team, you will work in a highly dynamic startup environment
with massive opportunities to learn and tackle business goals. You will
take full ownership of our platform. You'll be in charge of developing
applications which grow the business value with various stakeholders. You
will be given complete freedom to make meaningful and measurable
improvements and a clean slate for ideation as long it helps drive our
business value.

This role will be, to a lesser extent, a hybrid of software architect and
product manager.Other responsibilities may arise within the context of
expanding business opportunities.

Our ideal candidate has an excellent eye for detail, pragmatic approach and
an absolute commitment to making sure features are well implemented,
innovative and bug-free.

- Hands-on experience in design and implementation of custom-built web
- Translate UX/UI specifications and wireframes to web.
- Project Management experience strongly desired.
- Ability to work in a highly agile environment.
- Data-driven approach to success.

Technical Skills:
- Experience in developing and shipping products using Python and Flask.
- Proficiency in writing and deploying spiders in Scrapy.
- Familiarity with MySQL, SQLiite, MongoDB, SQLAlchemy
- Strong OOP skills and design patterns knowledge.
- Hands on experience with deploying applications on Digital Ocean.
- Strong HTML/CSS design skills.
- Preferred knowledge of JavaScript, Liquid, Jinja2, XML, Selenium, Pandas,
Twisted, Nginx, Apache, Gunicorn, WSGI, Celery, Redis, Git, REST,

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