[BangPypers] Tentative Sunday meetup with Wesley Chun

kracekumar ramaraju kracethekingmaker at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 04:07:02 EST 2017


 Wesley Chun [0] is in Bangalore this weekend and interested in talking at
BangPypers. The current organizing team is unavailable on Sunday (3rd,
Dec). Wesley Chun is the author of numerous Python books [1], well-known
software engineer and more. It's an excellent chance to meet and have a
conversation with him. We have a venue for the event, but there are no
volunteers to coordinate, and conduct meetup.

We need volunteers to do following tasks.

1. Talk to Wesley Chun about his plan on Sunday, the subject he would like
to talk, and other logistic details.
2. Reply to meetup comments in after publishing the event.
3. Be in the venue before meetup commences and guide participants.
4. Coordinate with the host.

If you're interested, please ping me offline with your phone number. Once
there are volunteers, the next steps will come out.

Thank you Noufal for connecting, and we may need your help once again for
an introduction to Wesley Chun.

[0]: https://twitter.com/wescpy/status/935462882266845185
[1]: http://corepython.com/

Thanks & Regards


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