[BangPypers] Venue for meetups

kracekumar ramaraju kracethekingmaker at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 01:53:19 EDT 2017


BangPypers is planning to conduct a Tensorflow workshop on 29th October
with a capacity of 50 participants. We are looking for a venue to host us.
We will take care of lunch. The entry has a nominal fee of 150 INR. After
fixing the venue, the details of the workshop will be available.

Expected setup
1. Projector
2. Space to accommodate 50 participants
3. Table, chair setup with power sockets to charge laptops.
4. Internet connectivity for participants

In return, we would give a fifteen-minute slot during the meetup to talk
about the company. You can use the slot for hiring announcements, open
source contributions, and company's work.

If your company is interested in hosting the meetup, please reach out to
me. At the meantime, we're also looking for hosts for future meetups with a
capacity of 60 participants. Please reply to this email, or write to me.

Thanks & Regards


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