[BangPypers] [PyBITS][HydPy] Invitation for PyBITS Conference and Workshops 2017

Samkit Jain sam.samkit1 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 00:14:30 EDT 2017


We are proud to announce that the tickets for PyBITS Conference 2017 are
live now.
PyBITS is the python conference for students conducted by BITS Pilani
Hyderabad Campus as a part of its techfest ATMOS and was started last year
with the support of Python Software Foundation and this year we are growing
bigger with the support of HydPy as well. The aim of the conference is to
bring the Python Student Community together and give them a platform to
learn, explore and network.
As a part of PyBITS we are having the conference on 28th October with
keynote, general and lightning talks.

Sunil Mohan Adapa is the keynote speaker  for the conference and he will be
talking  about the Freedom Box project and also about our current dystopian
world with ubiquitous data collection.

The general  talks are as follows

   - Building a chatbot from scratch using open-source tools by Saikat
   Kumar Dey
   - IOT and Python by Satish Rao
   - Data Science and Sentimental Analysis. by Madhu Vadlamani
   - Introduction to Continuous Integration in SW Development by Ramanathan

The workshops will be conducted on 29th October. We would be conducting a
large-scale basic python workshop for local school-children, which we
intend to let them attend for free. We also plan to have two intermediate
level Python workshops which have a limit of 300 registrations.


   Basic Workshop(6 hours) by Crux - For python beginners and school

   Flask Workshop (3 hours) by Malhar Lathkar who is a Programming
   Technologies Trainer

   Scrapy(3 hours) by Mohammad Sajid who is the founder of Step Up

The tickets for attending only conference are priced at Rs. 250 while for
attending both the conference and workshops it is Rs. 400. To register for
the event and know more about the speakers please visit the PyBITS
<https://bits-atmos.org/pybits> Website. For any queries regarding the
event, mail to crux at hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in. Regards, Samkit Jain
Coordinator PyBITS, 9705601217

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