[BangPypers] [PyBITS][Conference][Workshops] Invitation for annual student python conference at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

Samkit Jain sam.samkit1 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 19:58:25 EDT 2017


PyBITS is the python conference for students conducted by BITS Pilani
Hyderabad Campus as a part of its techfest ATMOS on 28-29th October 2017 in
association with HydPy. PyBITS is targeted to all students who are python
enthusiasts. The aim of the conference is to bring the Python Student
Community together and give them a platform to learn, explore and network.
Also we want to provide an opportunity to students to learn from
professionals and get motivated to explore opportunities in python.

If you are new to python you can attend the basic python workshop to give
yourself a kickstart and if you already know the language you can get
yourself acquainted with flask and scrapy frameworks in the workshops. School
students can come for the basic python workshop for free and give a start
to their programming journey.

PFA  the conference and workshop posters.

The tickets for attending only conference are priced at Rs. 250 while for
attending both the conference and workshops it is Rs. 400. To register for
the event and know more about the speakers please visit the PyBITS Website
at https://bits-atmos.org/pybits​​


Regards, Samkit Jain Coordinator PyBITS, 9705601217

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