[BangPypers] looking for a passionate python (and pref C+=) full stack developer to partner on an equity basis

Raghuraman Ramachandran optionsraghu at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 08:36:29 EDT 2018

Dear BangPypers

We are a small fintech looking for a full time person who can come on
board as the lead developer purely on an equity basis.

Preferred someone with not more than 5 years experience in the
fintech/financial industry having superb grasp of
python/django/angularjs and preferably some C or C++ knowledge.

Our product is receiving rave reviews and we are in the stage of
prospecting and clinching some sales but nothing is guaranteed yet.
Therefore, looking for someone who is really self driven and who
understands the risks associated in joining such ventures. What is
guaranteed though is a lot of learning.

If interested please mail your cv here.

Thank you,

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