[BangPypers] Teaching yourself machine learning

Rohit Chormale rohitchormale at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 23:18:58 EDT 2018

Hola Pythonistas,

Hope everyone doing well !!!

I still remember the day when I started learning python to build a simple
game. Over the years, I understood the different learning styles. For Some
people, it is easy to learn via classroom training while others love to
build something for themselves, then fail and then learn. I consider myself
in later category.

Currently I am trying to teach myself machine learning. But I am facing
difficulty to connect it in real life. I would really love to know the real
life scenarios for machine-learning applications affecting individuals. How
did you guy start apart from your job? What did you hack in your early days
? Any good ideas/proper directions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Chormale

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