[BangPypers] [Commercial][Job] Appknox is hiring!!!

Subho Halder subho.halder at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 08:50:49 EST 2018

Hello BangPypers folks,

Appknox is looking for a full-stack developer. Our stack mainly comprises
of Django, Ember for the frontend and some amount of Golang.

Appknox is a product based company which focuses on providing mobile
security as a service. The major development takes places in figuring out
how to automate security detection for mobile applications including the
API the application uses.

Below are a few things which we are currently working on:
- Building systems to communicate between mobiles devices and a server.
- Building systems to do binary and runtime analysis on mobile application
inside mobile devices
- Building a scalable system of mobile devices. We call it Device Farm
- WebSockets & GRPC based communications
- Build CLI tools for CI/CD automation for our customers
- Build auto fuzzing techniques for security assessments. This can be
improved later on :)
- Scan the whole Google and Apple Appstore apps

Appknox provides an exciting opportunity to work with bleeding edge latest
technology and also gives you enough freedom to contribute back to the
open-source world.

Appknox currently works with Enterprises and Banks. Almost all Banks in
India which includes AXIS Bank, SBI, Canara Bank, etc are our customers. We
also work with big enterprises such as Unilever, Singapore Airlines, etc.

You can check the Job Description here:

If this drives your curiosity, then please apply by sending an email to
engineering at appknox.com

If you need more information about the same, then shoot me an email at
sunny at appknox.com. I would be happy to answer your query.

PS: For this role, we don't expect you to have knowledge in Security. We
have a team of Security Researchers who would guide and help us. You'll be
focusing on building the product and improvements in it.

*Subho Halder*
*Co-Founder and CTO*

Mobile: +919433059439
Web: https://www.appknox.com
Blog: http://www.subho.me
LinkedIn: http://sg.linkedin.com/in/subhohalder
Github: https://www.github.com/subho007/
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