[BangPypers] Call for volunteers for PyCon India 2018 Social Media team

chandan kumar chandankumar.093047 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 04:21:45 EST 2018


We are looking for volunteers to manage Social Media activities for
PyCon India 2018.

Tasks Involved:
* Work with all teams to plan and coordinate announcements.
* Share announcements to different Python User group mailing lists
* Handle posts/tweets on PyCon India twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,
Google+ and other social media sites.

Time Required: 2-4 hours per week (may vary as we move closer to the conference)

Here[1] is a nice blog on the commitment required in volunteering PyCon India.

Please reply to this thread, if you are interested.

[1]. https://in.pycon.org/blog/2015/volunteering-for-pycon-india-2015.html


Chandan Kumar

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