[BangPypers] [Commercial] [Job] Hiring Python engineer

Hariprasad P haripadhuka at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 07:20:19 EDT 2018

Nuance India is looking for developers with 2+ years of Python experience.
[Including academic and open source projects]

Please find the job req below. Email resumes to hariprasad.p[AT]nuance[DOT]


- Hari

The Text Data Team is looking for an excellent candidate to join the Dragon
Research department. We are responsible for the content knowledge backend
of speech recognition, NLU and AI models. We need you to help ensuring that
Nuance’s systems are always aware of named entities such as artists, music
or movies which are aggregated from multiple sources. A key aspect is to
ensure the content is pure, matching what end users speak and sorted by


   - Write web scrapers
   - Text processing in multiple languages
   - Extract content from databases
   - Aggregate and rank named entities (artist names, movie titles, places,
   businesses etc) according to relevance
   - Development of research tools
   - Testing and monitoring of the team’s infrastructure
   - Perform tasks related to securing and keeping the products, tools, and
   processes that you are responsible for security


Number of Years of Work Experience: 2

Required Skills:

   - Scripting skills, especially Python
   - Web scraping/web spider
   - HTML
   - Unix/Linux
   - Querying large databases in SQL, RDF or similar
   - Excellent written and spoken English
   - Comfortable working in an international, distributed team

Preferred Skills:

   - Knowledge representation and ontologies
   - Knowledge of open source big data programming tools and technology
   (Spark, S3, … )
   - Experience in text data parsing and data mining
   - Text encoding
   - Software development tools (ticket systems, revision control systems)
   - Knowledge of multiple Indian languages is a plus
   - Interest in speech recognition, natural language understanding, AI

Education: Minimum of BS in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent.
Plus ideally 2+ years of work experience or significant hands-on coursework
utilizing Python and database technologies.

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