[BangPypers] Your opinion matters

Soumya Chittigala soumya.c at hackerearth.com
Thu May 24 08:44:19 EDT 2018


According to a survey by Harvey Nash, 34% of women technologists cite lack
of flexibility and 38% report long hours among the most trying challenges
when working in technology.

Are you a woman technologist bothered by these challenges too?

Through our Global Survey on Women Technologists
<https://hackerearth.typeform.com/to/TciXHV>, we seek to know more about
the challenges you face, the opportunities you seek and the career you
aspire to build. We assure you that 10 minutes is all it would take to make
your voice heard and help shape the future of work for women technologists’
world over.

Your participation in this anonymous survey is completely voluntary and all
your responses will be kept confidential. The data will be used for
statistical purposes and will be reported in an aggregated form only. The
study will be available for download from our website and we will intimate
you on this once we make it live.

We would also be grateful if you could pass this survey on to other amazing
women in tech so we could hear from more people.

Thank you again for your time and input.




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