[BangPypers] [Bangpypers] [Community Hackathon and Conference] wmn; - India's Biggest Women-Only Hackathon + Conference

denver dsouza denverjude at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 12:54:26 EDT 2019

Hey Bangpypers,

Currently, only 20% of hackathon participants are women. It's a low number,
unfortunately equal to the percentage of women pursuing degrees in Computer
Science and reflective of the representation of women-in-tech in general as

We at Devfolio
believe that community hackathons (checkout InOut <https://hackinout.co/>
and ETHIndia <http://ethindia.co> organised by us) are a great way to break
down barriers to entry in the tech space for women.

We’re delighted to announce India’s biggest all-women hackathon - wmn;
<https://wmn.community> happening in Bangalore on 1-2 June. With wmn; we're
looking to shape the way women get involved with tech. You can have fun, be
creative, build, break, learn, and ask questions in a space that celebrates

We're also going to have a great lineup of speakers for the conference
which is free for all to attend irrespective of gender. Tickets are live
here <https://devfolio.co/wmn/ticket>, get them before they disappear!

In case of any queries feel free to reach out to me on denver at devfolio.co
or Tanu <https://twitter.com/jaintanu1108> - tanu at wmn.community

wmn; <https://wmn.community/> - twitter <https://twitter.com/wmn_community>,
medium <https://medium.com/wmn/introducing-wmn-b2932122c6fa>

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