[BangPypers] Present a Poster at PyCon India

Vijay Kumar vijaykumar at bravegnu.org
Mon Jul 22 23:32:38 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

As announced earlier, the posters are yet another way of participating 
in PyCon India 2019, which is happening on Oct 12-15, at Chennai. There 
are two different poster types:

 1. Technical Posters - for presenting projects and insights on various
 2. Community Posters - for user groups / meetup groups to promote their

Here are few good reasons to present a poster:


    Posters offer the opportunity to *engage with attendees* interested
    in the same subject and application as yourself. You might strike up
    a conversation with someone about your poster that may lead to
    future collaborations or even a job offer!


    If you are new to conferences, or if you are intimidated about doing
    a talk in front of huge audience, posters are for you. Posters are a
    *great way to test the waters*, and can be stepping stone for your
    next talk at a conference.


    The *entire conference attendees is available* during the poster
    session, as there are no other tracks scheduled in parallel. This
    makes it better than the talk sessions, where there are multiple
    concurrent tracks, and attendees can only attend one of them.


    A poster presentation is a good way to disseminate your work,
    particularly if your *topic or project falls within a narrow field
    of specialization*. It also gives you the opportunity to actively
    engage with others during the conference in a way that networking
    alone does not, since by its very nature the poster defines the
    topic of conversation.


    Another good reason to present a poster is that you can expect to
    receive compliments on your work and critiques that can help you in
    the future. An insightful, *impartial discussion of your work by a
    peer* can often provide ideas for improving your work downstream.

In short, poster presentations provide value, both for attendees who 
discuss your poster content with you, and for yourself because of the 
opportunities highlighted above. If this has got you interested, head to 
https://in.pycon.org/cfp/posters-2019/proposals/ for more details and to 
submit a poster proposal.

For more details about PyCon India, visit https://in.pycon.org/

Vijay Kumar
PyCon India 2019 Team

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