[BangPypers] [Hiring] Full-stack Flask+ReactsJS Developer

Jayanth Neelakanta jayanthtn at gmail.com
Fri May 17 01:56:56 EDT 2019

Hi there you beautiful people,

Socratease, an EdTech startup, is looking to hire a full-stack web
developer. We are specifically looking for someone who is familiar with
Flask+ReactJS+SQLAlchemy. Socratease is a fun and interactive way to learn
concepts, with a unique pedagogy. You may check out
http://bit.ly/soc-bitcoin to see how the pedagogy works. We are looking to
add many more features to make the learning experience more engaging and

CTC Range: Rs 9L - 13L pa

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Build front-end elements that make the learning screens more feature-rich
2. Migrate a few HTML/AJAX based pages to ReactJS
3. Develop a consistent UI across different kinds of pages
4. Build REST APIs for React Components to pull data from
5. Build and extend existing schemas/views
6. Take care of DevOps, Version Control, etc

Why Socratease:

1. We care only about you and the work you do. No formalities, no
compulsorily turning up to office and, Good God, no dress code! If you have
freelanced before, working for Socratease will be like that. On steroids.
2. We are a tech-first company. We are a very small team. We have
deliberately kept it that way because we have automated, and want to
automate, most things.
3. Because we are a tiny team, you won’t have to deal with any hierarchy.
The only thing that you have to do is build an awesome product.
4. If this kind of a thing floats your boat, actually seeing students in
schools use Socratease and experience the “ah ha!” moment is very
enriching. While you may not actually tear up, you may leave the school
feeling like you have done your “good deed of the day” many times over by
building the product.

Technical Requirements:

1. 3+ years Experience in Flask and SQLAlchemy
2. 2+ years Experience in ReactJS
3. Good aesthetic sense in UI and Design
4. Thorough understanding of OOPS and performance-related issues
5. Good understanding of REST architecture
6. Experience deploying and managing web apps on the cloud
7. Bonus 1: Experience with having launched (at least) a WebView
Android/iOS app. Further, experience with Firebase
8. Bonus 2: Knowledge of Google Drive APIs

We are looking for someone who has more of a Computer Scientist's bent of
mind than a Software Engineer's.

“Soft” Requirements:

1. Intellectual curiosity: There is a reason this is number 1 on the list.
2. Self-driven nature: You will be the only developer. So, you will need to
drive the product here.
3. Quick learner: We are quite agile in adding features and technologies.
You will need to keep pace.
4. Attention to detail: Socratease isn’t a large organisation with
redundant documentation. So, you must understand requirements quickly.
5. Independence of thought, and clarity of mind: Employees who have been
associated with us for the longest time are ones who challenged our status
quo and proved us wrong. We love such people.

How to Apply: Email jayanth at socratease.in with your Github/Bitbucket
profile. Also, your LinkedIn and Resume. Two more things: 1. In 20 words or
fewer, explain Socratease's pedagogy, the way you perceive it; 2. If there
was one thing you would change about Socratease (design/product
feature/whatever), what would it be? Send along this information as well.

With regards,

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