[BangPypers] PyConf Hyderabad 2019

Sanchit Balchandani balchandani.sanchit at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 14:00:44 EST 2019

Hi Folks,

First of all sorry for cross-posting. In continuation to my previous email
about PyConf Hyderabad 2019[0]. I'd like to remind you all, that ticket
sale for the conference and workshop day is still open.

Also, the selected list of workshops is now out. Please check this list[1]
to know more about the selected topics. We'll also be publishing the list
of selected talks for conference day very soon.

We are now left with only a few workshop tickets and less than 100 tickets
for the conference. So, in case you haven't bought your ticket yet then
please buy it soon using this link [2].

Also, do follow us on social media[3][4][5] for regular updates. In case
you are not part of HydPy's telegram group, then please use this invite
link[6] to join.

[0] - https://pyconf.hydpy.org/2019/
[1] - https://pyconf.hydpy.org/2019/index.html#schedule-section
[2] - https://www.townscript.com/e/pyconf-hyderabad-2019/booking
[3] - https://facebook.com/HydPy
[4] - https://twitter.com/hydPython
[5] - https://twitter.com/pyconfhyd
[6] - bit.ly/join-hydpy

Best Regards,
Team PyConf Hyd & HydPy

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