[BangPypers] Call for Speakers for December Meetup - December 21, 2019

Ritesh Agrawal udr.ritesh at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 00:09:08 EST 2019

Hi all,

The next Bangpypers meetup is scheduled for December 21, 2019.

There is no specific theme for this event.
So if you want to present a talk or showcase something in the domain
you did using Python or some library you learnt use that you
 think will be useful for the community, please fill the following
 form and we will get back to you.

For any clarification, feel free to mail me - RItesh (udr.ritesh at gmail.com
Abhiram (abhi.darkness at gmail.com) or Anirudh (anirudhastark at gmail.com)

Ritesh Agrawal

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