[BangPypers] [Commercial] [Job] Socratease is hiring Flask Developers

Jayanth Neelakanta jayanthtn at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 23:55:26 EDT 2020

Company Background: Socratease (https://www.socratease.in/) is a platform
to create and share interactive e-Learning content. Think Shopify for
EdTech. We have developed a unique pedagogy that makes it easy to build
engaging and adaptive learning experiences.

Product Background: Socratease's latest offering is AutoProctor (
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoAqvp5rkEM). 2 months since launch, we
have raked up more than half a million installs. AutoProctor uses AI to
ensure that students do not cheat on online tests. Try the demo out for
yourself. We bet you will be impressed! Due to COVID, thousands of schools
have already used AutoProctor to ensure integrity of their online tests.

Automated Proctoring on the front-end is a fundamentally new idea. We are
certain that we are currently the only Company doing it! An awesome Flask
developer can make AutoProctor 10X better. Cool tech, huge impact and
perfect timing, what more can you ask for!?

Role and Responsibilities:

   - Optimise REST API calls to make the tool even more responsive
   - Transition AutoProctor from a product into a library that others can
   include in their codebase
   - Add more features and improve site security
   - Improve the DB architecture for better speed and maintainability

Technical Requirements:

   - 2+ years Experience in Flask (mandatory)
   - 2+ years Experience with SQLAlchemy (mandatory)
   - Thorough understanding of OOPS
   - Familiarity with gunicorn/uWSGI and MySQL/PostgreSQL
   - Experience with unit testing

Email jayanth at socratease.in with a link to your LinkedIn and GitHub
profiles. Also, links to any live projects that you can share will be very


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