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Tue May 19 04:37:56 EDT 2020


I hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing well.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of teachers/professors are finding ways
to reach out to their students using online learning methodologies. Our
team at FOSSEE <https://fossee.in/> (*Free/Libre and Open Source Software
for Education*), IIT Bombay has created Yaksh
<https://github.com/FOSSEE/online_test>, a Free & Open Source, Learning
Management System with automated grading evaluation for administering exams
and programming challenges.

Yaksh allows teachers to create and administer multimedia-rich courses,
manage students, assignments, exams, and grading all in one place. It is
web-based and hosted online which means that users can access courses from

It has been successfully used by a number of Professors at IIT, Bombay to
administer their own courses to a couple of hundred students every year. It
is also used internally by our team to conduct remote training programs,
workshops and exams as well as to set up standalone programming challenges
for hackathons and recruitment processes

Yaksh has been built with Python and Django on the backend and HTML, CSS
(Bootstrap), and JQuery on the frontend. The platform is completely free
and the code is Open Sourced on Github

You can try out the project at https://yaksh-demo.fossee.in/exam/login/.

In case of any queries (deployment, support, technical) please contact us
at pythonsupport at fossee.in

For more information on FOSSEE and it's various initiatives, please visit

Aditya P

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