[BangPypers] [Commercial] [Job] Hiring Pythonistas @ Reckonsys

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Tue Jan 26 02:45:56 EST 2021


Make sure you read Common Requirements & Responsibilities
before you proceed
to apply

Refer here: https://github.com/reckonsys/careers#how-to-apply

   - 5 - 16 LPA (2 - 7 years of experience) depending on your experience
   and skillset.


   - You will have to build GraphQL APIs
   - You are responsible for deploying your code (We already have all the
   deployment scripts that are well-documented over here: bigga
   - You may be required to build the product from ground up.
   - You will have to implement new features
   - Every day, you will have to adress bugs (atleast the critical/medium
   ones) before starting a new feature.
   - Optimize the parts of code that you feel can be written better


   - Check out the Tech Stack below (and make sure you are comfortable with
   at-least the essentials of the stack)
   - Should have at-least 3 years experience in building backend / web
   application (any scripting language / framework)
   - Of the 3 years thats mentioned above, at least 2 year should be using
   Django (Or at-least any other python framework).
   - Strong HTML; Proficient in JavaScript & CSS
   - The number of years may not matter if you show promising skills
   - Exposure to celery
   - Knows how to setup a server
   - Basic understanding of containers

to have (Optional - but, these are huge plus)

   - Go Lang / Elixir
   - Know how to deploy backend using our bigga
   <https://github.com/reckonsys/bigga> project. [This is just a
   docker-compose file]
   - Basic grasp of AWS / Google Cloud / Azure
   - Basic grasp on client-side JavaScript (or CoffeeScript/typescript)
   - Have used frontend frameworks like Ember, Angular, Backbone, React
   - SASS / LESS Experience is huge plus

Website: http://dhilipsiva.com
Nitimis: http://nitimis.com
GitHub: https://github.com/dhilipsiva
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dhilipsiva
E-Mail: dhilipsiva at pm.me
Phone: +91 81977 93582 <+918197793582>

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