[BangPypers] [PyCon India 2021] Call for Volunteering Team

Kumar Anirudha anirudhastark at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 01:33:10 EST 2021

Hi everyone,

We're planning to get started with PyCon India 2021 and looking for
everyone who might be interested in volunteering for the team. As
such, we're proposing PyCon India 2021 be online as 2020 did due to
similar reasons of uncertainty.

This is a call to python user groups to come forward and participate.
The best part of about online version is that everyone can connect
from anywhere, with no logistics boundaries. We expect fairly at least
2 folks to volunteer from every python user group.

If you're interested in volunteering, please reply to this email.
If you've doubts or queries about something, feel free to ask away as well.

Kumar Anirudha

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