[BangPypers] Reminder for June Meetup

Ritesh Agrawal udr.ritesh at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 21:23:17 EDT 2021

Hello all

Hope you are all doing well.
This is a reminder mail for the June meetup
scheduled for June 19 (tomorrow).

- Talk 1: Type Check your Django app - Krace Kumar
- Talk 2: Explainable AI with CAMs - Rakshit Naidu
- Mini-Workshop using Gramex - Anand S

Prerequisites for the workshop:
Please install Gramex on your local machines using the steps outlined
here - https://learn.gramener.com/guide/install/
It will make it easy for you to follow along as Anand demonstrates the
library's usage and application.

For a detailed agenda and RSVP, find our meetup link below:


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