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Fri Jun 25 02:49:48 EDT 2021

Hello Folks,

We are happy to announce Dr Ajith Kumar as our Next Keynote speaker for
PyCon India 2021.

About Dr Ajith Kumar
Dr Ajith worked as a senior scientist with Inter-University Accelerator
Centre, New Delhi from 1985-2021.

He has done his M.Sc and PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of
Calicut and M.Sc in Accelerator Physics, from the University of Manitoba,
Canada. He works mainly in the area of design and development of particle
accelerators and instrumentation for associated experiments, including
radio-frequency accelerating structures, control, and data acquisition
systems, digital and radio frequency electronics modules.

Dr Ajith Kumar initiated the PHOENIX project by designing a parallel
port-based computer interface for teaching physics and engineering in 2005.
His dedicated efforts in developing open science hardware for teaching
science led to the latest development of [ExpEYES] (https://expeyes.in/).

*ExpEYES* - An open-source science lab, is currently the most affordable
tool for learning science by exploring and experimenting which uses python
for data analysis and visualization.

For the past several years he has been involved in promoting Free Software
tools in Education. Has been pursuing academic community to include Python
in their syllabus and has written a book 'Python for Education'. Dr Ajith
is involved in teacher training programs and has helped thousands of
teachers to have hands-on experience with computer interfaced experiments
and to take their first steps in the world of Free Software and Python.

Dr Ajith is retired from IUAC in FEB 2021 but the scientist and educator in
him will never retire. He has continued his work promoting science
education and scientific temper through his new project [scischool.in](

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PyCon India Team

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