[BangPypers] [Jobs] Hiring at DeepSource for Software Engineer, Static Analysis - Python

Srijan Saurav srijan at deepsource.io
Thu Nov 11 04:08:16 EST 2021

Hey all,

DeepSource is a continuous code quality platform that helps developers
write better code. We are looking for a Python developer to work on Python
Static Analysis.

DeepSource is used by tens of thousands of developers worldwide and by
companies such as Slack, NASA, Intel, and others. We’re backed by Y
Combinator and some of the well-known investors from the bay area. Read
more about us here

The job role would allow you to dig deep into Python. Here’s the JD
<https://careers.deepsource.io/o/software-engineer-static-analysis-python> for
the same.

If this looks interesting to you, you can apply directly from the link
above or drop me a mail!

If you want to learn more about the role, I would love to talk to you.

You schedule a shot call with me here:



Srijan Saurav
Language Engineering Lead, DeepSource

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