[BangPypers] [Bangpypers] Reminder mail for October's Meetup : Tomorrow! Python in the wild

Abhiram R abhi.darkness at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 04:59:44 EDT 2021

This is a reminder mail for our October meetup that's happening tomorrow,
the 23rd of October.
The meetup will begin at 10 AM.
If you intend to attend but haven't already,, please RSVP here -

*The talks that we've lined up for you are - *

*10:00-10:40* A reflection of 12 years of Python usage - Dr. Nipun Batra
*10:45 - 11:20* Overview of Data sources in wildlife and useful Python
packages - Anushri Karve
*11:20 - 11:25* Break
*11:25 - 11:55* Airline Market Demand Forecasting by Dr. Anupama Lakshmanan
*12:00 onwards *Open house discussions

Important Notes :
a) We will 99% be conducting this meetup using Discord. Please join the
Bangpypers channel here - https://discord.gg/srtnue6a
b) Do RSVP at the link above if you haven't yet and are planning to attend

We will send out the link to the meeting itself - Discord/Zoom later today
based on a test+lightning-talk-session we will conduct at 7 PM today. If
you join the discord link above, you'll be able to ask doubts regarding
this on the channel :)

If you have any questions you can also reach out to me on
abhi.darkness at gmail.com, Kumar Anirudha at anirudhastark at gmail.com, Ritesh
at udr.ritesh at gmail.com or Adithi at adithiru095 at gmail.com

Abhiram R <https://abhiramr.com/>
Co-Org, Bangpypers

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