[Baypiggies] Baypiggies.net is moving

Deirdre Saoirse Moen deirdre at deirdre.net
Thu Dec 1 04:52:46 CET 2005

The Baypiggies.net domain is moving. I'll be updating the DNS and  
transferring the domain.

Until the DNS finishes propagating, it can be reached here: http:// 

For historical interest, here are the events that transpired:

0) I founded the group in 1999. Like Guido, I really relish that  
crowded group we had one night at the CoffeeNet. That was great.

1) I turned over the keys to the web site.

2) When I got the web standards bug and re-did the web site in 2004,  
turning it over with the understanding that WEB STANDARDS WOULD BE  

3) During a job interview a few months ago, I was dissed for the non- 
standard markup on the BayPiggies page, because my name was on it and  
I was interviewing for a web design position. Isn't that special? I  
didn't get the job. I was pissed off, thought I sent a note at the  
time, but I can't find it in my outbox.

4) In early November, I bumped up my hosting plan at TextDrive, which  
would allow for Django or TurboGears to be used for the site (or  
pretty much anything else). I wrote the four people (Wes, Tony, Aahz,  
and Danny) to see if they were okay with moving it. Aahz wanted to  
change the site using emacs, didn't want anything fancy -- but this  
wouldn't work because I could only offer an sftp-only account.

5) I looked at the markup and freaked (45 validation errors for an  
index page, including markup that was NEVER valid). I wrote a note  
giving them 48 hours to fix it (which I would have extended HAD  

6) I checked the front page on the w3's validator, saw the same  
number of email errors, and took the site down and locked out the  
four logins.

7) Danny contacted me offlist. I told him more (than I'm going to  
write here) about what's happened, why I left BayPiggies, and why in  
particular, there are some members (Aahz in particular) whom I'd  
never care to see again.

8) I was offered a job, but I'd have to move out of the bay area,  
meaning my ability to host the domain and/or DNS under the current  
setup is going away entirely (it's currently hosted from my living  
room). All my existing domains will be hosted on my hosting account,  
which typically hasn't been the case in the past.

9) I offered to transfer the domain. I refused offers to purchase the  
domain by non-members. I put a tarball of the old website on my  
strongspace.com account so that it could be retrieved. I gave the  
information to Danny.

10) It's now in the process of being transferred.

And Giles, yes, I make my living doing Ruby development (specifically  
Ruby on Rails), but that's not really why this happened....

_Deirdre                                             http://deirdre.net

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