[Baypiggies] Official Language War Thread? - Rails vs.Turbogears.

David E. Konerding dekonerding at lbl.gov
Thu Dec 1 23:02:00 CET 2005

David E. Konerding wrote:

> Perhaps in a few more years somebody will converge all the desireable
>features of this language subset into a new language which "gets it
>right from the beginning" (functionally oriented, dynamically typed but
>with conventions to allow programmers to specify static behavior,
>self-consistent standard library
>and we can all go back to being productive programmers rather than
>arguing over which language is best :-)

A few addendums to this:

1) when I recently read the C# introduction, I get very, very scared,
since I found myself having a very hard time taking issue with any of
their design decisions wrt to OO.  I assuaged my fear by realizing C# is
a static language (albeit one with a complete parser and compiler built in)

2) after playing with IronPython and the .NET API for a while I found
myself preferring the .NET API for achieveing pretty much everythign in
the CPython standard library (and enjoying the raw speed of the CLR
compared to the CPython VM).  I am now stuck in a very difficult state:
I have a great deal of legacy C code that interfaces with the CPython
interpreter and I'd have to rewrite all the interfaces, and I have lots
of code that uses parts of the standard CPython library but which will
probably not be implemented in IronPython.

It makes me wonder; if IronPython covered the CPython standard library
completely, wrapped the CPython extension system so that
my existing _whatever.so's and _whatever.dlls could be used without
recompilation, and Mono implemented enough of the .NET library that all
my existing code continued to work fine, what would I need CPython for?


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