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Giles Bowkett gilesb at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 21:32:41 CET 2005

I think this sounds like a job for Zope, but I couldn't really say for
sure. I've actually written a bunch of systems that match this
profile, and basically all you need is a template and some string
processing. Python's a good choice for that. There definitely are a
bunch of existing relevant frameworks, although I personally couldn't
say which one would be best for you, but with such a simple task, all
you really need to use is regular expressions and string variable
substitution. (Might be more fun to do it in Zope, though, and more
scalable too.)

On 12/2/05, Richard Knowles <richardk at adax.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> This discussion of Application Servers leads me to ask about an issue I
> am looking into.  We have a very simple internal webpage mostly for people
> to download company documents(on Apache).  Updating it consists of placing
> a new file in the correct directory, and modifying the HTML code directly with good
> old vi.   I think this could be a job for a content management server,
> especially if it can let the HTML-illiterate place a document on the
> server in a controlled-access way.
> Is there something relatively simple and Pythonic using mod_python for
> example?  I myself know very little about the topic of content-management.
> > > as to how these compare - TurboGears, CherryPy, WebWare, Twisted, Zope
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> Richard Knowles
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