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Richard Knowles wrote:

>This discussion of Application Servers leads me to ask about an issue I 
>am looking into.  We have a very simple internal webpage mostly for people 
>to download company documents(on Apache).  Updating it consists of placing 
>a new file in the correct directory, and modifying the HTML code directly with good 
>old vi.   I think this could be a job for a content management server, 
>especially if it can let the HTML-illiterate place a document on the 
>server in a controlled-access way.  
>Is there something relatively simple and Pythonic using mod_python for 
>example?  I myself know very little about the topic of content-management.
>>>as to how these compare - TurboGears, CherryPy, WebWare, Twisted, Zope
 well, usually content-management balloons out to cover alot beyond 
simply giving mortal the ability to make web pages (workflow, security, 
versioning, groupware, etc). 

In mod_python, you could build something rather simple and custom to 
your needs with Django or TG.

someday maybe plone will run in mod_python, but I wouldn't hold your breath.



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