[Baypiggies] Python Application Servers

Ben Bangert ben at groovie.org
Sat Dec 3 02:17:26 CET 2005

On Dec 2, 2005, at 5:01 PM, jennyw wrote:

> Sebastian Jayaraj wrote:
>> We have had very good success with Plone. Relatively simple to set up
>> and easy to teach users. Also check out its inbuilt site search
>> capability that index documents like PDF, word, etc.
>> http://plone.org/
> I don't think you could get Plone to run with mod_python -- it's a  
> Zope
> application. It's also not the lightest-weight CMS out there.  That
> said, it works great when you use it appropriately (I've set it up  
> for a
> pretty heavily visited Web site), and it puts most things that call
> themselves CMSes to shame.
> However ... it's only a breeze to setup and teach users if you accept
> the defaults or need only simple changes.  They've done a great job  
> with
> the UI, so for an intranet you might well be satisfied with changes  
> you
> can make in CSS or  through settings in the ZMI. However, if you  
> need to
> do something more significant, you'll have a pretty steep learning  
> curve
> (unless you're already familiar with Zope).  If you find yourself in
> that situation, I'd suggest buying one of the books on Plone (I like
> Andy McKay's book; I have a colleague who J. Cameron Cooper's book).

I'm inclined to agree with everything Jen said, I've also put Plone  
up for a moderately high traffic site. The performance out of box was  
very sluggish, but with a Squid caching server in front had no  
problems of course.

Django was built for CMS's, and is pretty good for a lighter weight  
custom CMS, expect less functionality than Plone though (No uploading  
content via webdav/ftp).

- Ben

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