[Baypiggies] Python jobs in San Jose: Help eradicate spam

Steve Kirsch steve.kirsch at propel.com
Tue Apr 4 02:56:46 CEST 2006

I started a new company, Abaca, to eradicate spam forever from the face
of the planet. 

Like my previous 2 companies (Propel and Infoseek), everything is done
in Python (ok, some parts were in C at Infoseek!).

We have openings for a few more very talented software engineers who
hate spam and want to do something about it. 

Local candidates (San Jose, CA) are preferred, but incredible non-local
talent is OK too. 

Know of anyone we should be talking to? If we hire that person, we'll
pay you a $1,500 referral bonus! So you get paid for helping to rid the
world of spam! What could be better than that! 


Here is the linkedIn posting:



"Get 99% spam blocking without tuning, or it's FREE. http://www.abaca.com"


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