[Baypiggies] April agenda?

Monte Davidoff davidoff56 at alluvialsw.com
Fri Apr 7 08:38:13 CEST 2006

Marilyn Davis wrote:
> I hope the book doesn't equate productivity to the number lines of
> code!  What an unproductive concept.  It's sort of a pet peeve of
> mine.  Yesterday I trimmed out about 40 lines of code and improved
> readability and made my test interface more consistent.  What a
> productive day that was!

If someone wants to measure productivity by lines of code, Python has a 
good story to tell.  People have quoted studies to me showing that the 
number of debugged lines of code per day is roughly constant, 
independent of the language that you use.  Generally speaking, I've 
found that it takes about an order of magnitude fewer LOC in Python to 
do a given task than in C, so Python allows you to be an order of 
magnitude more productive.


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