[Baypiggies] BayPIGgies leadership

William Deegan bdbaddog at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 21:29:52 CEST 2006

On 4/7/06, Aahz <aahz at pythoncraft.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 07, 2006, William Deegan wrote:
> >
> > Ask recruiters to foot the bill for snacks in order to present.
> > They're looking at a 10-20% commision on hiring so it's a fair trade.
> I'm not aware that we've had recruiters at BayPIGgies meetings; has that
> been something new recently?  I mean, when Google used the meeting to
> formally recruit people, they did provide dinner.  ;-)

I've never made a meeting, so I can't comment, but from reading the mailing list
it sounded like there were such in some of the recent meetings.
(unfortunately thursday evenings are rarely free for me)

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