[Baypiggies] BayPIGgies name [was: April agenda?]

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 8 04:07:48 CEST 2006

>From: Ben Bangert <ben at groovie.org>
>Someone else mentioned the groups name being somewhat unprofessional.
>I'd like to mention that I specifically avoid mentioning the name
>whenever I talk about the group, cause going to "bay piggies" has
>about zero appeal for anyone I know, even hardcore programmers. Is
>that really the best name to be using? How did a piggie get
>associated with the cool image of a Python? ;)

"PIG" = "Python Interest Group"

This old chestnut never goes away, many have strong opinions on this.

You might propose changing the group name to something like either:
- "BayPython" (professional-sounding and very intuitive)
- "BayPyUG" (consistent with other US-based group naming as per 
- "SFBayPython" (disambiguates from Seattle, Virginia, Mass etc.)

How shall we resolve this one, do we take an email-based vote or something?
I could even include a vote on the name in the forthcoming member survey 
I've been preparing.
(obviously just a non-binding opinion poll, before all of you jump on me)


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