[Baypiggies] BayPIGgies name [was: April agenda?]

Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Sat Apr 8 22:16:41 CEST 2006

Wow, lots going on here, and lots of good suggestions.

Maybe the name thing is the most pressing so that we can register our
opinions in Stephen's survey.

How about if the survey includes 2 questions:

1.  Would you like to change the name?

2.  Please rate each name:

    Silicon Valley Python Interest Group

Are these all that have been suggested so far?  Can anyone think of

Should we add:


I don't mind that there is a silly interpretation, I only mind that
there is no non-silly interpretation.

Should we take more time to think about the name?  Stephen, is there a
reason why we are in a hurry to do the survey?

Then, we need a rule for our decision-making.  

I would think that a big thing like a name-change might require a 2/3
majority.  Does that sound right?

And I would suggest that we are asked to rate each suggested name
individually, on its own merits, rather than to rank them.

That way, if we like several, we are not forced to make an artificial
choice between them.  And the resulting data, although it could
produce ambiguous results, will be truthful and will please the most

It is usual for a survey/poll of an email list to produce less than
10% turnout.  So people need to be prepared to accept the possibility
that a small number of people will make the decisions.  The important
thing is that everyone is invited to participate.

Does this sound ok to people?

If you want to persuade people to choose a particular name, I would
guess that now is the time to speak up.

Also, I'm assuming that, to change the name, we only have to ask
python.org to change the name of the list and beg for some
new_name.python.org web space?

Or can someone please tell us what we are taking on here?


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