[Baypiggies] Two volunteers needed to coordinate pizza/snacks?

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 10 18:24:58 CEST 2006


Volunteers urgently needed: An emerging consensus from the list+survey is
that a subset of people definitely DO want snacks/pizza/fresh vegetable 
Typically this is some fraction (~50%) of the people who are driving to 
"non-home" location, e.g. SouthBay folks when they come to Ironport,
SF/EB/Peninsula folks when they come to Google.
Most of these have indicated they are prepared to pay ~$5.

Can it really be that we can achieve PhD's in Computer Science but can't 
order a pizza among us?
Let's disprove that:

So without more ado, let us seek TWO VOLUNTEERS:
- a food coordinator for the Google nights
- a food coordinator for the Ironport nights

Suggested duties:
- preferably someone who attends regularly at that location
- research what people want, research the options, and the price point
- (every 2 months) make the order, get the quantity right, and make sure
  it is delivered to the meeting location, 30min early, to avoid 
  and does not get held up by security. (coordinate with JJ at IronPort or
  Neal at Google)
- collect the money(!), and make sure the operation is not out-of-pocket.
  Keep receipts. We used to have a voluntary contribution jar at Stanford,
  but that worked when we were much smaller.
- communicate clearly on the list and website what the plan is
(do people just show up with $5 or should they register or RSVP in advance?
do you slightly overbook the quantity)
- figure out silverware, paper/plastic plates, napkins, cups etc.
- coordinate setup and cleanup
- monitor and estimate the headcounts (=>coordinate with talk organizers)
as these vary greatly depending on the talk. IronPort seems to average 30-60
people, and
- maybe try out different suggestions in rotation until people stabilize on
a preferred one.

Ok, so do we have two (or more) volunteers who will step up,
one for each location, without more ado? Here is your opportunity to
earn a lot of gratitude and recognition from your malnourished fellow 

(And FYI it is not clear whether this week's meeting will happen. You will 
to work that out yourself and what the expected headcount is :)
Volunteer for IronPort location - feel free to bring along a variety of 
menus to the meeting)

Time to make this one happen!

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