[Baypiggies] Volunteers needed for book reviews

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 10 18:49:01 CEST 2006

A second emerging consensus is that the #1 information resource for us
BayPIGgies is the venerable old flat-dead-tree format. Surprising.
We used to have a regular freebie book reviewing deal with O'Reilly.
You get a brand new book hot off the press for free if you review it!
Wes was coordinating although since he is shedding responsibilities, now 
be a great time to hand it off to fresh, shiny and eager volunteers.
We currently have a backlog with O'Reilly which puts us on their naughty 

* not sure whether the book review is supposed to be in XML, HTML or DOC
(a good opportunity to learn XML and maybe even give the group a tutorial on
"how to learn enough XML to write an O'Reilly book review"!)
I think it should be possible to upload the reviews to server without 
needing the admin password.

* this also kills many birds with one stone, since many people are 
they would like to hear talks on books (and conferences), and again, it is a
great way for a new person to speak and get involved and let everyone
know what your interests are. (Maybe we can line up May/June speakers this 

* so: Wes/Tony/Danny/whoever knows the O'Reilly setup, what is the current 
story, what is the current list of unreviewed books, can you bring them to 
next meeting (Apr? or May), can we stick wings on this thing and make it 
fly? etc.

Do we hear any volunteers out there?


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