[Baypiggies] (Apr) Agenda ... a proposal

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 10 19:40:38 CEST 2006

>DRAFT: April 13 At IronPort.  Web page http://baypiggies.net/

7:30  Announcements? or did we agree to move that to 9pm end of mtg?
Let's be laser-clear on this. This is when recruiters are allowed speak.

IDEs: CANCELLED/POSTPONED Due to lack of volunteers
( Emacs IDE: Marilyn, vim+ctags - JJ)
Aahz or anyone with a login to baypiggies server - please update the webpage 

> > 7:45  Future Directions       Wes
7:45 Logistics and Volunteers - Wes & Stephen
I offer to co-moderate (if Wes wants me!).
I suggest let us NOT discuss big-picture stuff like direction, focus and 
group name,
until the survey comes back in May, but rather simple, basic and essential 
things like (say):
- identify specific tasks for which new volunteers are needed
- we still have no food coordinator for IronPort. This is insane. Someone 
please step up!
- invite speakers: 24 people have already suggested enough bright ideas to 
fill the calendar
till end of 2006. Don't wait for the survey to come back, let's get on this 
For out-of-town speakers, you will need to identify possible dates and 
Let us start carving up the calendar among us.
- getting the very excellent book reviews restarted (Also: Wes - will you 
have the Pycon proceedings for sale at $25 as you promised? or are they 
still in Dallas?)
- brainstorm ideas for future meetings: * comparison with Ruby * Python 
entrepreneurs * Zope/Plone * etc...
- etc.
- anyone who voices a legitimate criticism (and please everyone speak up), 
be prepared
to articulate your suggested solution and prepare to be asked to volunteer 
to follow-through on implementing it.
- when we walk out of the room, let us have a clear list of names, dates and 
task ownership!

> > 8:30  Mapping/Random Access   Dennis
> >        Mapping       10 minutes
> >        Random Access 20 Minutes
> > 9:00  Adjourn
or is it 9:00 Announcements, Recruiters (?)

Thank you Dennis for the impulse towards structure.

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