[Baypiggies] Volunteers needed for book reviews

Tony C cappy2112 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 21:36:06 CEST 2006

> >>We currently have a backlog with O'Reilly which puts us on their naughty
> list.

*This just isn't true. I have been personally coordinating the Oreilly book
reviews for over a year (closer to 2 years, I think), and Oreilly has never
**contacted me stating we owe them and are on their "black list".*

We currently owe Oreilly 3-4 reviews at this point because the people who
have requested the titles for review are busy.
(Guess what, I'm one of those people!!!!!!!)

I am hesitant to ask Oreilly for more books from them until the outstanding
reviews are submitted.

When we got kicked off of the old server, I immediately told Oreilly what
was going on, and that it may be sometime until our reviews would be online
again. They have been very gracious and understanding.

>>* so: Wes/Tony/Danny/whoever knows the O'Reilly setup, what is the current
story, what is the current list of unreviewed books,
I can bring them, but I don't think it's important. One of the policies of
the review process is, if the reviewer gets too busy to complete the review
within a reasonable amount of time (which I arbitrarily set as two months),
then they should notify me, and I will post an email to the list for someone
else to review the book. I have been pretty liberal with this policy for
several reasons, and it has been working out fine. People do get busy from
time-time, and Oreilly knows were are doing this in good faith. If we are in
trouble with Oreilly, it's  a complete surprise to me.

Since it's NOT a problem with Oreilly, I don' t think it's even worth
bringing up at the meeting, since we have *many other issues* to solve.
However, if people who have done reviews would like to give presentations on
them, this should be discussed at an upcoming meeting.
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