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> About ACCU, iirc, that's the first time Guido spoke there. He's  
> spoken at BayPIGgies several times, starting in 1999. ACCU, while  
> focused on C/C++, does have interesting talks about other languages  
> from time to time.

At the last ACCU meeting (I vas dere, Chahlie), there were some intro slides 
(OK, that's an anachronism), in which it was specifically stated that C and 
C++ were no longer the primary focus. Like many groups, I expect that they 
are also trying to see "what sells." From the past Python oriented meetings 
they have had, cleary Python is one of those things. btw, they are a paying 
membership org, although the meetings are manifestly (and permanently) free, 
as is the meeting announcement mailing list.

IIRC, a year or so ago, I attended a previous meeting at which Alex Martelli 
spoke and I bought a copy of his revised book. My memory of details is 
fading, but it was at a Denny's on North First in SJ, so it wasn't likely a 
BP meeting. Alex acknowledged that he was blown away by the size of the 


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