[Baypiggies] BayPIGgies: April 13, 7:30pm (IronPort)

James Hartley jjhartley at att.net
Tue Apr 11 06:46:30 CEST 2006

Unless JJ will be implementing some new funky twist on string theory &
gravitation, wasn't he asking to be excused for Thursday services?  If
JJ can be in two places at the same time, hell, maybe I should come to
the meeting & watch...


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The next meeting of BayPIGgies will be Thurs, April 13 at 7:30pm at

This meeting features JJ reviewing "Professional Software Development"
with discussion and newbie questions afterward.

BayPIGgies meetings alternate between IronPort (San Bruno, California)
and Google (Mountain View, California).  For more information and
directions, see http://baypiggies.net/

Before the meeting, we sometimes meet at 6pm for dinner.  Discussion of
dinner plans is handled on the BayPIGgies mailing list.  

Advance notice:  We have a speaker for May.  We can use speakers for
June/July.  Please e-mail baypiggies at python.org if you want to suggest
agenda (or volunteer to give a presentation).
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