[Baypiggies] Voting for a new name

Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Wed Apr 12 18:44:10 CEST 2006

On Wed, 12 Apr 2006, Ross Parlette wrote:

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> Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 07:50:22 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: Re: [Baypiggies] Voting for a new name
> > The poll is open!
> > 
> > http://jacq.istos.com.au/python/
> > 
> > My colleague John Jacq in Australia made the little voting page.  He
> > does all of eVote's web work.
> > 
> > John's page generates an email message from your response and sends it
> > to python at deliberate.com.
> On or about 9:00 AM PDT, the istos page was not available.

Darn it.  It sure isn't.  I'm cc-ing John so he can see what's up.
What time is it in Australia?

In the meantime:

1.  Send a message to:

    python at deliberate.com

2.  Subject must be:

    Change name?

3.  Message must be:

    eVote n        <-- n is 1, 0, or -1   indicating yes, abstain, no
    end            <-- if anything follows

Be aware that we can all see each others' votes.

> I am awaiting other results; what do we know about deliberate (dot) com?

Other results?  What do you mean?

But, take all the time you want.  Give it some thought.  Change your
vote later.

Because voting seems to be such a sensitive thing, I run one list at
deliberate.com where we keep a poll open about whether or not we want
the list to hosted at deliberate.com.  Chicken and egg sort of thing.

We find that the presence of a real voting mechanism adds a little
civility to an email list, even if voting almost never happens.

About deliberate.com: it's me and a few other volunteers, mostly John
Jacq.  The box for receiving mail is in my garage in Mountain View.
The web site is hosted by a volunteer, Mark Rauterkus in Pennsylvania.
I wrote the voting software: C for the mail interface, C++ for the

There is a python interface for mailman at sourceforge but I gave my
mailman box away to a student at CalTech so I don't have it running.
All the software is old and not compiled since before there was a big
change in gcc, without backward compatibility, which had a bug for a
while that prevented compiling the vote-server.  I gave up and moved
on to a new project.  Mailman has also evolved since then.

And you know anything you want to know.  Check out
http://www.deliberate.com and ask me anything.

Maybe I could give a talk on the system and that might bring a
volunteer to bring it up to date with Mailman and it could be
installed at python.org?

But, it's very controversial, even in these times when it's clear that
the world needs a big change toward real democracy.

Aw well,


> Ross


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